Top Criminal Justice Stories of 2013: You Choose


The Crime Report's third annual survey of the most significant criminal justice stories and developments, and the most significant newsmakers, will be published next month.

Your participation is part of the story.

Our staff, columnists and contributors have come up with a preliminary list of stories or developments that, in our judgment, have had a significant impact on the criminal justice landscape this year. We've also identified a handful of key players whose work or actions during 2013 were especially noteworthy.

We don't pretend to have the last word. So we're asking you to judge our candidates and choose up to 10 developments/or news stories that you think were (1) impactful over the past 12 months and (2) will continue to bear watching in 2014.

For some of the 16 choices we identified, we explain our thinking. Others are self-explanatory.

Similarly, please choose your top two newsmakers from the attached list, based on the same criteria.

There's space for you to “write in” a story or person you think we've overlooked—and equally important, space at the bottom to explain (in one or two sentences) the reasons for your choices. We'll publish some of the most compelling reasons when we post the final results in both categories next month—unless you specifically request anonymity.

Just to refresh your memory, here are the top ten stories and top newsmakers who made TCR's list for 2012.

Top Ten Stories of 2012

Top Newsmakers of 2012

All of us at The Crime Report look forward to your “votes”—and wish you as well a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday!

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