Seattle Merchants Offering Discounts for Gun-Safety Devices


King County, Wa., unveiled a program to promote gun safety through discounts on some lockboxes, safes and trigger locks, reports the Seattle Times. Customers will get up to 15 percent off the devices when they mention the “LokItUp” program or “Public Health” at participating stores, and law-enforcement agencies will emphasize safety to applicants for concealed-pistol licenses. “It's time for lockboxes and storage cases to be as common as seat belts,” said County Sheriff John Urquhart.

The owners of 15 retailers so far have signed onto the Safe Storage Saves Lives campaign by pledging to offer discounts on at least one item through the end of 2014. Outdoor Emporium's Mike Coombs predicted the campaign will be “absolutely effective.” “We want to be part of the shopping frenzy that's going to ensue soon,” said Tony Gomez of Public Health-Seattle & King County, calling gun-safety devices a “good holiday gift.” Some 68 Seattle-area youth 17 or under died of gunshot wounds between 1999 and 2012. Another 125 were seriously injured.

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