MA Drug Analyst Gets 3 to 5 Years in Prison for Evidence Tampering


Annie Dookhan, the Massachusetts drug analyst who tampered with evidence and jeopardized tens of thousands of criminal convictions, was sentenced Friday to three to five years in prison, closing what the Boston Globe calls “a sorrowful chapter for the woman at the center of a scandal that continues to plague the state's criminal justice system.” Dookhan, 36, pleaded guilty to 27 counts of misleading investigators, filing false reports, and tampering with evidence. She must also serve two years of probation and undergo mental health counseling, if needed.

Attorney General Martha Coakley said the conviction of Dookhan was only one part of an ongoing investigation into the quality of drug testing at the Hinton drug lab, but she said it was needed to bring some accountability for her crimes. Dookhan admitted to filing false test results and mixing drug samples, and to later lying under oath about her job qualifications, but she said it was only to boost her work performance. the judge said Dookhan was a “broken person who has been undone by her own ambition” and that the consequences of her crimes werel “nothing short of catastrophic.”

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