Secret Service Scandal Issue: How Agent Left A Bullet Behind


The latest Secret Service scandal raises the question of how an agent manages to leave a stray bullet behind, says the Washington Post. An agent was removed from President Obama's protective detail after he allegedly left a Secret Service bullet in the room of a woman he met at a hotel bar in May. Former agents say that supervisor Ignacio Zamora Jr. was likely attempting to clear a round from the chamber of his Sig Sauer P229 semiautomatic pistol to secure it after joining the woman in her room.

The agency requires that agents carry their weapon with a fully loaded magazine of 12 bullets, along with a 13th round already loaded in the chamber and ready to fire. There is no safety device on the weapons because they must be ready in case of emergencies.”He might have been trying to make the gun safe,” this agent said, providing a detailed explanation of how the gun works.

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