$120 Fast-Food Order, Instagram Photos, CA Police Nab Burglary Suspects


The Sacramento Bee offers an example of Instagram photos solving a burglary case. Rocklin, Ca., police tracked down four auto burglary suspects after investigators found a photograph online of $120 worth of food from a drive-in restaurant. that was purchased with a credit card stolen in one of the burglaries. Said Sgt. Scott Horrillo, “Sometimes, technology acts in our favor; sometimes, it doesn't. This time it did.”

A victim learned that about an hour earlier, her credit card had been used at a nearby restaurant. The manager had thought the order was suspicious and had taken down the license plate number of the vehicle. A restaurant trainee decided to snap a picture of the receipt from the order and posted it on Instagram because it was the largest order she had seen. Meanwhile, one of the juvenile suspects posted a photo of all the food. “I think they're kind of stupid,” a restaurant employee said of the suspects' postings. “I think social networking is helping to catch people.”

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