NC Class Lesson to Leave Loaded Guns Under Bed Called “Very Bad Advice”


What is being taught in required North Carolina classes for people with permits to carry concealed handguns? raises that issue, citing a Charlotte Observer column by Dr. Ty Bullard, who reported being told by a law enforcement officer in a class that firearms should be stored under beds, preferably loaded. Slate says “this is very, very bad advice, especially if you have children in the house.”

Police officer David Harrington of Matthews, N.C., tells Slate that leaving a loaded gun under your bed “is the most foolish thing you can ever do…other than having it under your pillow.” Concealed-carry classes in North Carolina last at least eight hours, plus extra time spent on the shooting range. Much of the class time is spent on laws and liability issues. The state provides instructors with a standard lesson plan, but they're allowed to stray from the manual as long as they register their course materials with the state. There is also ample time for questions.

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