Toronto Mayor, After Declaring War on Gangs, Admits Smoking Crack


In the days after a shooting that killed two and injured 23, a furious Toronto, Canada, Mayor Rob Ford declared “war” on gangs, decried “hug a thug” programs and vowed to lock up or run gangsters out of town, says the Toronto Star. Yesterday’s admission by Ford that he has smoked crack cocaine showed how much he has been associated with the same people he had so publicly condemned.

The man with a video of the mayor appearing to smoke crack, who told the Star he had sold drugs to Ford before, was arrested in June in a raid. The man, Mohamed Siad, 27, faces a slew of gun and drug trafficking charges. The raid netted a total of 40 guns, many smuggled across the U.S. border, and $3 million in drugs. The house where Police Chief Bill Blair says the video was shot is a “crack house,” according to search warrant documents. “To inspire police officers to put their lives on the line to police gun crime, surely a public leader has to speak from a position of moral authority. How can Ford possibly do that when he's been smoking crack with a crew of suspected gun dealers?” said criminal lawyer Reid Rusonik.

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