Google Glass Meets the Law: CA Woman Ticketed For Wearing it On The Road


Google Glass has had its first run in with the law, reports the San Diego Union-Tribune. A Temecula, Ca., woman got a ticket from a California Highway Patrol officer Tuesday evening in San Diego for operating a vehicle while wearing the computerized glasses that connect people to the Internet. Cecelia Abadie, who became a Google Glass test participant about five months ago, posted a copy of the ticket on her Google+ social networking page.

When the officer asked why she was wearing Google Glass, she asked, 'Well, it's not illegal, right?' And he said, 'Yes, it is illegal.' I was completely shocked,” she told the newspaper. Abadie said she told the officer that she was not using the device, just wearing it. “I wear it all day,” she said. “He said it blocks your vision. Most people don't understand that the technology is designed to be out of your way. It's off unless you turn it on or talk to it or touch it.” Google has selected 10,000 so-called Explorers to test the $1,500 glasses in real-world situations. The glasses connect to the Internet via a Bluetooth link to a smartphone. They are voice controlled and can perform tasks such as checking email or displaying maps. Abadie was cited for speeding and violating California Vehicle Code Section 27602, which basically says drivers can't view television or video signals while driving other than dashboards, navigation systems, backup cameras and the like.

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