NYC Public Safety Survey Shows Less Public Opposition to Stop-and-Frisk


A new survey on crime in New York City found that keeping crime down is way more important to voters than reforming the police department’s controversial stop-and-frisk program, reports CBS2. With Election Day two weeks away city voters say safety is more important than certain privacy rights. They are saying it in every community in the city – men and women, white black and Hispanic.

The new Quinnipiac University poll said public safety is uppermost on the minds of voters. Asked which was more important, keeping crime rates down or reforming stop and frisk, 62 percent said keeping crime rates low and 30 percent said reforming stop and frisk. There also seems to be a softening on the public's position on the practice of stop and frisk. Asked if the controversial program is excessive and innocent people are being harassed, or if it is an acceptable way to keep the streets safe, 48 percent said excessive and 45 percent said acceptable. Last month, 55 percent said it was excessive and 39 percent said it was acceptable.

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