Police Chiefs Gather at IACP to Promote More Gun Background Checks


What if only 60 percent of airline travelers were screened before boarding? What if only 60 percent of gun owners were given a background check, asks the Philadelphia Daily News. It’s already happening, says the National Law Enforcement Partnership to Prevent Gun Violence. Several top cops highlighted the issue yesterday at the International Association of Chiefs of Police convention in Philadelphia.

Only buyers at gun shops are subjected to background checks, while the 40 percent who purchase their guns privately, including online and at gun shows, are not, said Baltimore County Chief Jim Johnson, chairman of the partnership. When the U.S. Senate defeated a bill this year that would have expanded background checks to include online and gun-show sales, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey was befuddled. “We expected the Senate to do what cops do, protect the public,” Ramsey said. “But a minority of senators protected themselves instead of the American people and in my opinion, that’s a disgrace.”

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