WA May Steer Medical Marijuana Patients to Recreational Pot Stores


Medical marijuana would face new taxes, and patients would be limited to smaller supplies under new rules proposed by three Washington state agencies, the Seattle Times reports. The rules would tighten definitions of qualifying conditions and forbid home growing. The recommendations were requested by state legislators trying to reconcile the largely unregulated medical system with the new tightly controlled recreational pot market, which seeks to undercut illicit dealers.

Lawmakers are concerned the medical system, which they see as a fiction to some degree, will be a rival that undercuts the recreational system's ability to collect tax revenues. The proposals could dramatically change the medical system, steering patients into recreational-pot stores, where they could get a tax exemption. The recreational system serves people 21 and over, allowing them to possess an ounce of weed. The medical system can serve minors and allows patients a 60-day supply of 24 ounces. The recreational system is heavily taxed, the medical system is not. Seattle has 200 medical dispensaries, but has been allotted just 21 recreational stores.

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