Gun Activists Rally at San Antonio’s Alamo, Targeting Local Law


In violation of a San Antonio ordinance they called unconstitutional, about 500 gun-rights activists set off from the Alamo on Saturday, displaying their firearms as they marched through downtown to a city park, reports the city’s Express-News. Many were armed with rifles, including AR-15s, shotguns and antique pistols. Most were flagged with an orange straw or piece of plastic that filled the chamber and prevented the gun from discharging.

Charged up and chanting, “Live free or die!” protesters at the Come and Take it San Antonio: Line in the Sand rally made their way to the park, a former Confederate hangout in the heart of the city. A smaller counter-protest was held a few blocks away. Police did not enforce a 1993 city ordinance that bans firearms in public parks, at government meetings and at political events. The restriction was a focus of protesters, who aimed to test the local law.

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