Court Upholds $1.1 Million Award Against WA Officer on Harassment Order


The Washington State Supreme Court upheld a $1.1 million civil judgment awarded to the family of a woman who was killed by her boyfriend after a police officer handed him an anti-harassment order but failed to ensure he left the couple's home, reports the Seattle Times. In 2010, jurors determined that the Federal Way, Wa., police officer was negligent when he served the court order but did not check on the victim's well-being or stay to ensure compliance with the order requiring him to move out. The victim, Baerbel “Babs” Roznowski, was stabbed to death in the home a short time later.

The city had appealed the jury verdict, saying anti-harassment orders were different from domestic- violence protection orders. Federal Way Police Chief Brian Wilson said yesterday that the ruling provides “clear guidance moving forward; not only for our police department, but for all police departments across the state.” Roznowski had been in a difficult relationship with Chan “Paul” Kim for many years when she decided to end the relationship, sell her home and move to California. Her attempts to get Kim to move out of her house were unsuccessful and volatile and she sought counsel from a domestic-violence advocate. She filed for a temporary anti-harassment order. Roznowski asked that police deliver the court order and wrote that Kim had a history of assault and would likely react violently to the order

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