WA Board OK’s Rules for Legal Marijuana System; Stores Expected Next Spring


Washington state’s Liquor Control Board adopted rules for a legal marijuana system after 10 months of research, revisions, wrangling with the federal government and wrestling with who-would've-imagined questions, reports the Seattle Times. Officials charted the course for an experiment that seeks to undercut illegal dealers and launched the process of licensing a recreational-pot industry serving customers with 334 retail stores.

Adults will be able to walk into stores between 8 a.m. and midnight beginning next year to buy small amounts of marijuana products, including buds and brownies produced with state-certified safe levels of pesticides and other chemicals. “The Washington state Liquor Control Board just built the template for responsible legalization of marijuana,” said Alison Holcomb, chief author of the legal-pot law. Holcomb is traveling to England, Poland and the Netherlands in coming weeks to discuss Washington's law and rules, and is part of a new panel studying the idea in California. Liquor-board members predicted a bumpy ride for the next year or so, with further tweaking of the rules likely. Officials expect stores to open as early as May.

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