After YouTube Videos, Philadelphia Officer Taken Off Patrols for “Idiotic Behavior”


Philadelphia police officer Philip Nace, called by the Philadelphia Daily News “the YouTube sensation who has developed an international reputation as the angriest cop in the City of Brotherly Love” is perhaps the first local officer to be taken off the street for what a police spokesman described simply as “idiotic behavior.” Lt. John Stanford said Nace has been taken off patrol duty amid an expanding Internal Affairs probe prompted by viral videos starring the 46-year-old cop.

Nace was recorded knocking down a basketball hoop and telling the guys with the ball to “have a good day” as he drives away in a police van. Earlier, he appeared in a YouTube stop-and-frisk video that featured him berating two pedestrians, telling one man he would “split your wig open” and calling the other a “f—ing dirty ass.” Said Stanford, “We can assure the public that he is off the street. What you see in those two videos is certainly not what we teach,”

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