With States Liberalizing Laws on Pot, Will TSA Allow It In the Air?


With state laws rapidly being re-written to legalize much marijuana use, the Transportation Safety Administration is struggling to present a clear message on whether it permits airline passengers to fly with pot, says the New York Daily News. As a federal agency, TSA remains bound to enforce federal law. While medical marijuana has been legalized in 20 states, and recreational use of the drug has been OK'd in two, pot remains outlawed on a federal level. On its website, TSA makes clear that its agents are not searching out the drug.

Quantity may be the key to the TSA response. Last month, agents at Los Angeles International Airport discovered 100 pounds of showed in a passenger's checked luggage. Valued at $300,000, the marijuana was promptly turned over to DEA agents and the LAPD, thought the owner of the drug was not located.

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