Georgia Police Chief Fighting String of Misconduct Revelations


DeKalb County, Ga., Police Chief Cedric Alexander arrived in April looking to halt a troubling history of embarrassing and sometimes criminal officer misconduct that had damaged the agency's reputation, says the Atlanta Journal Constitution. A recent string of misconduct revelations – the latest being an officer admitting he took a bribe after being caught on video – has plagued the department since Alexander became chief and began instilling a new code of conduct. “DeKalb Police Department has definitely lost some of its swagger,” he told the newspaper. Alexander came to DeKalb after being TSA's federal security director at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. In August, officer Brandon Brown resigned to avoid being fired after admitting he took money while in uniform to look the other way as someone smoked marijuana in a restaurant and hookah bar. “Fifty dollars … just give me 50,” he told the smoker. The findings of the internal investigation were turned over to the DeKalb District Attorney's office, where the case is being reviewed.

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