AZ County Spent $120,000 in Annual Overtime Protecting Arpaio from Threats


It's become increasingly expensive to protect America's most notorious lawman, Maricopa County, Az., sheriff Joe Arpaio, reports the Arizona Republic. The taxpayer-funded security detail for Arpaio has been spending more time guarding him during off hours, in addition to providing protection to Arpaio through the workday and at public appearances. Pvertime costs have increased dramatically in the past year, from about 120 hours in June 2012 to more than 400 hours this June.

In May, the team accrued more than 600 overtime hours. The total overtime costs for the sheriff's security detail from June 2012 through June 2013 exceeded $120,000. Sheriff's officials say the need for Arpaio's security detail is driven by the nature of the threats and by the nature of Arpaio. The increased expense is the byproduct of a world where disgruntled critics can find contact information for public figures they love to hate and fire off threatening messages in a matter of seconds.

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