Police, Prosecutors Sort Out NYC Driver Confrontation With Bikers


The motorcyclists came together last Sunday, their ranks growing into the hundreds as they moved through New York City, alerted by friends, social media posts and text messages to join an annual ride. At the same time, says the Wall Street Journal, Alexian Lien, 33, a vice president at Credit Suisse, and his wife, Rosalyn Ng, put their young daughter into her car seat and headed north to celebrate their wedding anniversary. The bikers and the family clashed on the Henry Hudson Parkway in Manhattan in a confrontation seen around the world in a video taken by a biker with a helmet camera. Ng said her family feared for their lives. Some bikers said they converged on Lien’s SUV as a defensive maneuver because he was weaving from side to side. Police and prosecutors are sorting out what happened next but some things are clear: Lien was beaten, a biker may be paralyzed, and some bikers will likely wind their way through the legal system. Two motorcyclists were charged over the weekend.

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