Beck Drops Easing Of L.A. Vehicle Impounds After Court Nixes It


Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck has rescinded his department's car impound policy, a controversial set of rules he put in place last year to be more lenient on immigrants in the country illegally, reports the Los Angeles Times. The policy had come under fire from his own officers and a judge ruled that it violated state law.

The surprise move by Judge Terry Green marked a stark reversal for Beck, who recently had reiterated his belief that the impound rules were legal and necessary. The judge, ruling in a lawsuit brought by the union that represents rank-and-file officers. concluded that Beck's order improperly attempted to supersede state laws regarding impounds. Immigrant advocacy groups and civil rights organizations that joined the police in defending the the policy are expected to appeal, with or without the city's assistance. The policy prevented confiscating vehicles driven by unlicensed drivers who met several requirements — including having auto insurance, valid identification and no previous citations for unlicensed driving.

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