After Recall Wins, Colorado GOP Eyes Repeal of Gun Laws


House and Senate Republicans are poised to present a series of bills in the 2014 Colorado legislative session that look to repeal or alter some of the gun-control legislation passed by Democrats and implemented into law over the summer, reports the Denver Post. Republicans are competing with one another to sponsor the bills.

The move would renew the gun debate in an election year and is fueled by the recent ouster of two Democratic state senators primarily for their support of gun laws. The legislature created universal background checks, charged a fee for the checks, added new restrictions for domestic abusers, required in-person training for conceal carry permits and limiting the capacity of ammunition magazines. Republicans see repeal as reform the public wants. But Republicans face an uphill challenge. Democrats have a 37-28 majority in the House and will have an 18-17 majority in the Senate. The repeal bills may be struck down in committees.

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