Armed Citizen Group Offers Free Shotguns in Orlando–Will It Work?


An armed citizenry is the answer to the crime problem, says a new gun-rights group offering free shotguns and ammunition to residents in an Orlando neighborhood, the Orlando Sentinel reports. The Armed Citizen Project of Florida — an offshoot of a Texas group whose website tagline is “Deterring Crime by Empowering Neighborhoods” — left leaflets on doorsteps throughout the Sunshine Gardens neighborhood Sunday seeking “volunteers to reduce crime in your neighborhood.” The neighborhood is not known as a high-crime area.

“That’s what really cracked me up,” said seven-year resident Cathy Rodgers. “I’ve never felt unsafe in my neighborhood. I just feel like they’re preying on people’s fears.” The flier outlined the offer to arm “volunteer households with one free shotgun” and ammunition through a local firearms retailer after passing a background check. The group has so far not given away a single shotgun since being founded about six months ago in the Tampa area, said state director Ron Ritter.

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