Baltimore County Won’t Allow Old Police Guns Sold in Shops, Costing $700K


As Baltimore County police replace nearly 2,000 service weapons, they won’t allow the old ones to be sold in gun shops — a decision that will prevent firearms from entering the open market but could triple the agency’s cost, reports the Baltimore Sun. Officials will try to sell the weapons to county police officers or to other law enforcement agencies, spokeswoman Elise Armacost said. The department had planned to sell its 15-year-old Sig Sauers to a wholesaler, but realized it couldn’t be certain they wouldn’t wind up in private hands said. The change will cost the county nearly $700,000. Maryland police departments have struggled with how best to dispose of used weapons since 2007, when the state legislature passed a bill to allow resale. In 2011, allegations emerged that a gun formerly owned by Baltimore City police had been used years earlier in the Oklahoma murder of two girls, raising concerns among law enforcement agencies about adding to the proliferation of weapons on the streets.

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