Ex-Navy Yard Worker Seeks NBC, CBS Settlements Over ID Mistake


A week ago, Rollie Chance was working the phones, worried that friends at the Washington Navy Yard may have been killed in a mass shooting, reports the Associated Press. Then he what he thought was a prank call: a news organization telling him he had been identified as the shooter. Chance’s name was reported Sept. 16 by NBC and CBS as the shooter in an apparent mix-up involving a long-discarded Navy Yard ID badge. NBC reporters tweeted Chance’s name as the shooter, while CBS used Chance’s name in tweets and in a radio broadcast. Both networks retracted their reports within minutes of misidentifying him.

Chance, of Stafford, Va., has spoken with reporters because he hopes getting stories out about the mix-up will crowd out archived versions of stories on the Internet that misidentify him as the shooter. He said he had not heard from NBC or CBS. His lawyer, Mark Cummings, said Chance has asked him to “contact NBC and CBS and see if we can begin discussions toward a settlement,” one that would ask the networks to help minimize the fact that Internet searches produce results linking Chance to shooter Aaron Alexis, who gunned down 12 workers before being killed by police.

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