Bloomberg Says Thousands With Criminal Records Buy Guns On Armslist.Com


An investigation started by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg found that thousands of guns are being sold on websites to people with criminal records, reports the Wall Street Journal. One popular online marketplace for firearms,, has the potential to facilitate 25,000 sales to illegal buyers with criminal records annually, Bloomberg said, citing data culled from an examination of 600 people who posted classified ads seeking guns.

“In the digital age, convicted felons, domestic abusers and other dangerous people who are legally barred from buying guns can do so online, with little more than a phone number or email address,” Bloomberg said. “And, as our investigations shows, thousands of criminals are doing exactly that. In fact, not only are criminals buying guns online, they’re doing so brazenly by advertising their want to buy them.” After a investigation by the mayor two years ago finding that 62 percent of online gun sellers have never undergone a background check—’s owner, Jonathan Gibbon, said he was “taken aback by the assertion that [the site] is acting irresponsibly.” The site is committed to serving “law abiding citizens” and protecting Second Amendment freedoms, he said.

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