MN TV Anchor Sues, Says Public Workers Snooped In Her Data 1380 Times


Jessica Miles, an anchorwoman for KSTP-TV in the Twin Cities, filed suit alleging that her private driver's license information was illegally searched about 1,380 times, believed to be the highest number so far in the mushrooming scandal, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Miles is one of about 20 people who have sued a slew of local and state government agencies after obtaining information from the Department of Public Safety that public employees had illegally accessed their private records.

Federal law provides for each $2,500 violation, which would put the total payout to the ­couple at around $3.5 million. Her attorney, Kenneth Fukuda, said he would be seeking damages for “emotional distress, loss of peace of mind and any action she has had to take to remedy the situation.” He said those might include doctors' bills, credit monitoring and theft. Fukuda said officers from different law enforcement agencies “monitored” Miles by driving past her house, and she believes they got her address through the illegal accesses. She lives in a suburb where law enforcement vehicles in the neighborhood are otherwise infrequent.

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