Dallas Chief Brown Defends Delays In Alerting Public to a Serial Rapist


At a carefully staged event late Wednesday, Dallas police Chief David Brown chief sought to quell critics of his department's handling of at least nine rapes, possibly all by the same man, the Dallas Morning News reports. Yesterday, the man police first named as a “person of interest” in the attacks, Alan Mason, was cleared by the department.

Van Dralan Dixson, 38, has been linked through DNA to four of the assaults. He was arrested Tuesday in Baton Rouge, La. He signed extradition papers yesterday and should be back in Dallas soon. It was the latest twist in a case that has had the department on the defensive. Brown gave his most detailed comments at the media event, in a 35-minute monologue. He talked about the delays in alerting the public to a serial rapist. He explained why Mason was identified as “a person of interest.” Said Brown: “There were no good choices without criticism. I chose the best path that gave us the best chance to arrest, charge and prosecute the suspect. Pick your poison. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.”


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