Red Light: DC Doubles Its Number of Traffic Enforcement Cameras


Washington, D.C., police will more than double the number of traffic enforcement cameras on city streets over the next several months, reports the Washington Post. The additional 132 units will bring the total to 223, the biggest expansion since the District began using cameras more than a decade ago. The cameras will be used against not only for speeders and red-light violators but also drivers who run stop signs and truckers who drive overweight trucks in places where they are prohibited.

A police spokeswoman would not say how much the additional equipment will cost. The installation of monitoring cameras has long raised ire among some drivers in the District and many other places. In 2012, after racking up $425 in fines, D.C. restaurateur Geoff Tracy hired a sign waver to alert drivers to a speed camera in his neighborhood. The camera was eventually relocated.

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