Ecstasy Form Called Molly Suspected In College Student Deaths, Overdoses


A University of Virginia sophomore who died after collapsing at a Washington, D.C., nightclub over the weekend took a purified form of ecstasy called Molly, a drug that police in Boston and New York City have linked to three deaths since last week, reports the Washington Post. Authorities in New England said they are investigating whether a single batch of the synthetic drug caused the deaths and several additional overdoses by college students attending clubs or outdoor concerts marking the end of summer.

Law enforcement officials said Molly has long been the street name for the powder form of MDMA, the main ingredient in ecstasy, a popular party drug that can produce a euphoric, energetic and confident high. In recent years, Molly has become a generic term for the hundreds of designer drugs made in labs and marketed online by overseas chemists. “We're cautioning people not to take any synthetic drugs that they don't know anything about,” said Cheryl Fiandaca, a spokeswoman for the Boston police. She noted the danger of mixing the drugs with alcohol.

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