IL Judge Orders Patch.Com Reporter To Disclose Sources in Murder Case


Joe Hosey, a reporter for in Illinois, has been ordered to give up his notes and name the sources of police investigation reports he used for a series of stories about two grisly Joliet slayings, reports the Chicago Tribune. Journalist shield laws do not allow Joe Hosey to protect the source who gave him police reports about the deaths of Eric Glover and Terrance Rankins, ruled Judge Gerald Kinney. Hosey will appeal; His attorney, Kenneth Schmetterer, said shield laws apply.

Hosey, a veteran reporter who wrote a book about convicted killer Drew Peterson, still is covering the case for, owned by AOL. His stories included gruesome details attributed to police reports the website “obtained.” Kinney said that if an attorney provided the information to Hosey, that attorney could have violated state Supreme Court rules governing the secrecy of grand jury proceedings. Esther Seitz, an attorney for the Illinois Press Association, said shield laws are intended to protect the confidentiality of journalists’ sources, and state law requires a court to find there is no way to get the information needed to protect the public interest other than to force the reporter to reveal his or her source.

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