Emails Reveal Strategy of NV Gov.’s Support of ‘More Cops’ Tax


The Las Vegas Sun says a series of emails last December reveal how Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval arrived at a strategy last year to support what became known as the state’s “More Cops” tax. The emails offer a rare glimpse into who holds sway at the governor's office, including the role of the two lobbyists and close personal friends of Sandoval's who talked him into running for governor in the first place — and who have agendas of their own.

The December email exchange details a heated debate among Sandoval's senior staff and his political advisers — including lobbyist Pete Ernaut — over the governor’s support of the tax increase, a surprise in political circles because Sandoval governs on the premise that higher taxes would halt the economic recovery. Ernaut wrote, “First, Sheriff (Doug) Gillespie is a good man, a popular sheriff, and our friend. Second, the police union stepped out against the grain and was one of the only public employee unions to support the governor in his last election as well as his election as (attorney general).”

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