Budget Cuts and Antiterror Fight Mean Less FBI Anticrime Work, Mueller Says


Departing FBI Director Robert Mueller says that with federal budget cuts and an emphasis on fighting terrorism, “What’s going to be hit is white-collar crime. What’s going to be hit is violent crime – we’re not going to be able to do as much as we’d want there. Organized crime,” NPR reports. James Comey succeeds Mueller on Sept. 4. Mueller worries most about “the possibility of a bomb on an airplane.” Even with Al Qaeda weaker than it used to be, “You have individuals that are not aligned with any particularized group who can be radicalized and find a weapon of choice and then kill American innocent civilians.” Former Mueller deputy and now Transportation Security Administration director John Pistole says that in realigning the bureau to fight terrorism, Mueller “directed and implemented what is arguably the most significant change” in FBI history.

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