Obama Doesn’t Favor Changing Federal Law on Pot Despite WA, CO Votes


President Obama doesn't support changing federal laws to legalize marijuana, though Sanjay Gupta of CNN, once a candidate for U.S. Surgeon General, says the drug has “very legitimate medical applications.” White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest said yesterday Obama thinks “targeting individual marijuana users [ ] is not the best allocation for federal law enforcement resources,” but he doesn't “at this point advocate a change in the law.”

Under federal law, pot sales are illegal. The administration's stance on legalization is being viewed closely by advocacy groups and in the states of Washington and Colorado, each of which voted last November to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana. Pot advocates say it will be impossible for the states to tax and sell the drug if the U.S. government doesn't give them a pass on violating federal laws. Reporters asked Earnest about Gupta, who said this month he's “come to the realization that it is irresponsible not to provide the best care we can as a medical community, care that could involve marijuana.”

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