Holder Expects New Federal Cases From 2008 Stock-Market Meltdown


Attorney General Eric Holder told the Wall Street Journal that the Justice Department is nearing decisions on several probes involving large financial firms. He plans to announce cases stemming from the economic meltdown in the coming months. “My message is, anybody who’s inflicted damage on our financial markets should not be of the belief that they are out of the woods because of the passage of time. If any individual or if any institution is banking on waiting things out, they have to think again,” Holder said. Holder said he wouldn’t leave the Attorney General’s job before deciding on cases stemming from the financial collapse. Associates say he could step down later this year. Holder and the Obama administration have faced rising criticism, particularly from Democrats, for not bringing criminal charges against senior executives over the 2008 market meltdown. White-collar-crime expert John Coffee of Columbia University said the administration “has been appropriately criticized for being excessively equivocal and slow to respond” to the financial crisis, but Holder’s remarks suggest “he is responding to the temper of the times.”

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