Dallas Chief Fires Officers Who Neglected Family Violence Cases


Dallas Police Chief David Brown fired five police officers yesterday, including two former family violence detectives who failed to work hundreds of cases, the Dallas Morning News reports. “It's obviously not a great day for the department,” Brown said. “This will make 52 officers that I've had to terminate during my tenure. This 1 percent of the department that we have to terminate is a job that has to be done, and it's my job to do it to maintain our credibility with the public.”

Problems with the domestic violence cases came to light in 2009 when thousands of cases were discovered in a detective's garage. The detective quit last year after the department scheduled a disciplinary hearing. Brown said the department prioritized determining which of the more than 700 cases that had not been pursued were within the statute of limitations and filing those that could be filed. “We had to go through 747 cases that weren't in neat files packed together,” Brown said. “There were pieces all over the place.”

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