Man With Medical Problems and AK-47 Shoots In GA Elementary School


Elementary students whose DeKalb County, Ga., school was targeted by a gunman yesterday resumed class at a nearby high school today, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Buses and parents began dropping off students from Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy to nearby McNair High School after the harrowing incident. A man armed with an AK-47 walked into the elementary school and barricaded himself in the front office before he fired shots at officers, who then returned fire, police said.

The alleged gunman, identified Michael Brandon Hill, 20, was quickly taken into custody at the academy. Hill’s brother told ABC News he “had a feeling he was going to, eventually one day, do something stupid, but not this magnitude.” Timothy Hill added, “He's got a long history of medical disorders, including bi-polar.” School bookkeeper Antoinette Tuff faced down Hill during the ordeal.

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