Dallas Police Failed to Pursue Hundreds of Domestic Violence Complaints

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Sheranda Hodge of Dallas asked police to have her boyfriend prosecuted for beating her, but she heard nothing for three years. Now she knows why, says the Dallas Morning News. Her case was one of 646 cases that one detective failed to investigate properly. An audit found that another investigator didn't properly investigate more than 100 family violence cases. The hundreds of unworked offenses ranged from dozens of simple misdemeanor assaults to stalking cases and felony child abuse or sexual assault cases.

The unworked cases are additional evidence of widespread problems with the Police Department's family violence unit. Since an embarrassing 2009 incident where thousands of cases were discovered in a detective's garage, the department has improved supervision of investigators, implemented an automated case-tracking system, and increased the detective force. Paige Flink of The Family Place Shelter is confident police now have the right reforms in place to prevent something similar from occurring again, but she is “almost speechless that people who thought the police were going to help them didn't get help.”

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