Fifty-Three Excessive Force Suits v. Minneapolis Police In 3 Years


The Minneapolis Police Department is defending itself against 61 lawsuits alleging that officers used excessive force that led to injuries, 53 of them filed from 2011 to 2013, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “I think there are so many it's hard to keep on top of all of them,” said Teresa Nelson of the American Civil Liberties Union. By contrast, St. Paul police face 19 pending misconduct lawsuits.

If history is any indication, Minneapolis will win about half of those suits. Of 110 misconduct suits resolved since January 2011, 51 were dismissed by the court or resulted in a favorable trial verdict for the city, says Peter Ginder, Minneapolis deputy city attorney. In the other 59 cases, the city made payouts. The city's 12 costliest settlements from 2006 to 2012 resulted in no officer discipline. City Attorney Susan Segal denies there's lack of discipline for misconduct. She said she has “full confidence” that Police Chief Janeé Harteau will take “decisive disciplinary action” if misconduct occurs.

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