Critic: Justice System Must Take Crimes Against Women More Seriously


The cases of Amy Lord, who was beaten and forced to withdraw money from ATM machines before being fatally stabbed in Boston, and the 10 years of sexual enslavement suffered by three young women at the hands of Ariel Castro in Ohio, show that the justice system often doesn’t take crimes against women seriously, writes New England Law/Boston Prof. Wendy Murphy on women’s The FBI talked to Castro after one of his victims disappeared but didn’t bother to check his house even though the windows were covered in trash bags and the place looked like a run-down prison. When perpetrators of violence against women are arrested, they get a slap on the hand from prosecutors and judges, Murphy contends, writing that, “When violence against women is met with a revolving door at the courthouse, the message goes out that women’s lives have little value in the criminal justice system, and in society.” Murphy says President Obama should “call on all governors, district attorneys and police chiefs to come together and demand that all states add gender to their civil rights/hate crimes statutes.”

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