Dallas Judges Order Audit After They Aren’t Told of Probation Violations


Dallas judges ordered an extensive review of felony cases after discovering that probation officers failed to report probationers violating repeated drug and alcohol tests, reports the Dallas Morning News. The audit is designed to assess the extent of the breakdown and whether potentially dangerous criminals have remained free instead of facing probation revocation. “This is a failure of supervision in the field. It's extremely dangerous for Dallas County,” said District Judge Tracy Holmes. The probation chief acknowledged errors. “Regardless of the number, the quality of the supervision was indeed unacceptable,” said director Michael Noyes. Holmes began questioning probation practices after finding 34 cases in which the department didn't tell her probationers had been repeatedly drinking or using drugs in violation of sentences. She was outraged to learn about a drunken driver who, over 18 months, saw at least eight probation officers. He tested positive for alcohol 30 times, but she was never told.

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