Colorado Judges Don’t Change Most Mistakenly-Low Sentences


Colorado judges have declined to change sentences in nearly 1,400 cases that prison officials said may have mistakenly allowed convicts to shave years off their time behind bars, reports the Denver Post. Judges corrected sentences in just 17 percent of 1,677 potentially questionable cases sent to them for review, leaving 1,387 sentences unchanged, says the state corrections department. That meant judges corrected sentences in 290 cases. Twenty-two had already been released from prison; nine were rearrested and ordered to serve the rest of their terms. The issues center on whether inmates convicted of multiple crimes were mistakenly given concurrent sentences, rather than consecutive terms as state law dictates. A concurrent sentence means no additional prison time is served. A similar mistake occurred in the case of Evan Ebel, the parolee suspected of killing state corrections chief Tom Clements in March. A sentencing error resulted in Ebel’s release four years early when he was given a concurrent term.

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