A Crime of Distraction: “Sliders” Take Purses of Women Pumping Gas


Police are warning drivers, especially women, of a new kind of theft happening at gas stations from “sliders,” reports the Christian Science Monitor. It’s a crime of opportunity and distraction. Sliders watch for a woman filling up her gas tank. They pull into the station, as if getting gas themselves.

Then, a slider will open the door or reach in the open window of the adjacent car and snatch the purse or any other valuables in the front seat, and drive off while the driver is still busy pumping gas. “It’s ‘sliding’ because they’re sliding below the eye level of the door,” Houston police officer Jim Woods told CBS News Channel 2 in New York. “They’re not looking for a confrontation. They just want your property because they know that it’s left abandoned and you’re not paying attention.”

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