At ‘NRA University,’ Young Gun Enthusiast Preaches to the Choir


Time takes a look inside “NRA University,” a crash course in the facts and fallacies of the gun debate, as defined by the lobbying powerhouse that is shaping it. The NRA often holds these seminars for college kids. Time reported on an abbreviated version, a one-hour PowerPoint for attendees of last weekend's RedState gathering in New Orleans, where a few hundred conservative activists gathered at a hotel on the edge of the French Quarter to network and commiserate.

Miranda Bond, an energetic NRA grassroots coordinator in a black dress and heels, was the confab's instructor. Her audience sat rapt. Near a pair of prim grandmothers scrawling notes was a man in a black T-shirt with a logo of two crossed guns inside the mouth of a skull. Up front, a middle-aged woman in a leopard-print top told a joke whose punch line involved Hillary Clinton and a bicycle. Bond's presentation was a sermon for the converted, stripped of context and countervailing argument. But it offered a window into how the NRA is waging its ongoing fight to prevent Congress from curtailing gun laws.

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