‘We Don’t Feel Welcome’: Some Gun Manufacturers Pull Up Stakes

Politicians from states eager to embrace the gun industry have descended on places where they are not so popular — like Connecticut, Maryland, New York and Colorado — offering tax breaks and outright cash grants to persuade them to relocate. The campaign has won a few converts already, says the New York Times. PTR, a maker of assault rifles based in Bristol, Conn., is moving its work force of 50 to South Carolina, saying that tough new state gun laws enacted after the school shooting in nearby Newtown made it too risky to keep doing business in Connecticut.

Similar new laws in Maryland prompted Beretta to call off plans to add jobs locally, and the company is now completing plans to expand in a more gun-friendly state. Kahr Firearms Group, a pistol and rifle maker based in Rockland County, N.Y., is moving across the border to Pennsylvania. “We don't feel welcome,” said Frank Harris, vice president for sales and marketing at Kahr.

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