Texas Police Arrest Members of National “Felony Lane Gang”


After months of staking out parking lots, increasing patrols, and even hiding SWAT officers inside bait cars, authorities are making progress in cracking down on the “Felony Lane Gang,” a nationwide group that has stolen hundreds of purses in Texas this year, says the Dallas Morning News. At least 16 people believed to be involved have been arrested in recent weeks. The gang is from Florida, but it has been blamed for rashes of car burglaries in Missouri, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Indiana, and other states. Police said members stake out parking lots of gyms, parks, pools, nail salons, and other places where women might be tempted to leave purses inside cars. The group happily takes cash, but the gang is particularly looking for checkbooks and driver's licenses. Members are known to write checks from one victim to another. Then, members use the second victim's stolen ID to cash the check at a bank drive-through lane. In the gang's early years, members used the lane farthest from the drive-through teller to cash the checks, earning them the Felony Lane name.

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