Anti-Terror Fusion Centers “At a Crossroads” In Budget-Cut Era: Report


The national network of 78 “fusion centers” to gather and assess information on potential terror threats “is not functioning as cohesively as it should be,” and centers face challenges that prevent them from reaching their full potential, the U.S. House Homeland Security Committee says in a new report after visiting 32 centers. The panel said that in the current fiscal climate, the network of centers “is at a crossroads,” with many “struggling to maintain their operational tempo due to drastically changing annual budgets.” Some fusion centers may close or must make significant changes to their staffing or operations, the report said. The committee said that despite improved cooperation on some fronts, there is a perception that the Department of Homeland Security and FBI still are “in constant battle.” House members vowed rigorous oversight to avoid a return to “pre-9/11 turf wars.” The National Fusion Center Association said it is addressing many recommendations in the committee report.

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