CO Recall Vote a Test of Whether Some Democrats Can Survive Backing Gun Control


As he prepared to vote for strictest gun control measures this year, John Morse, a former police chief and president of the Colorado State Senate, knew he would infuriate some constituents. “There may be a cost for me to pay, but I am more than happy to pay it,” he tells the New York Times. Gun activists, with the support of the National Rifle Association, have forced Morse and fellow Democrat Sen. Angela Giron, into recall elections.

The Sept. 10 recall effort is seen as a test of whether politicians outside big cities and deep-blue coastal states can survive the political fallout of supporting gun control. “Legislators should be scared,” said Becky Mizel, chairwoman of the Republican Party in Pueblo, Co., Giron's home district. “We have a battle here.” Around his Colorado Springs-area district, Morse has spent the summer in campaign overdrive. Gun-rights supporters and their allies see the recall elections as a chance to send a message to any politician who would support similar legislation.

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