Boston Detective Demoted, Police Search Records After Woman’s Murder


Boston police are scouring all unsolved cases for loose ends in a widening probe that comes after detectives failed to arrest a “person of interest” in a prominent murder case even though they were handed his wallet and I.D. by a woman brutally attacked last year, the Boston Herald reports. “Because of what happened in this case we're doing a search of all our records for the last several years,” said Mayor Thomas Menino. “We just don't want to have another case like this happen to us.” The principal detective who dropped the case last year “was stripped of his detective's badge yesterday,” the Herald says.

Police Commissioner Edward Davis said, “As a result of this, I've sat down with all of the commanders of the various detective bureaus to go over all outstanding cases.” Davis said his department would review assaults on women over the past several years since Edwin Alemany, 28, named “a person of interest” in the murder of Amy Lord and charged with two other attacks on women, has been out of jail. Lord, 24, was kidnapped last week near her apartment and was driven to five ATMs to make withdrawals before she was stabbed and her body dumped in a park.

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