Florida Police Send in SWAT Team After Man Kills 6, Holds Hostages


With six people already shot dead and crazed gunman Pedro Vargas holding two hostages in a bullet-riddled Hialeah, Fl., apartment building, Police Chief Sergio Velazquez made the decision every top cop dreads: Send in the SWAT team, the Miami Herald reports. “It was a very difficult decision,” Velazquez said. “because I not only have the lives of the two hostages that we want to rescue, but I have in my hands the lives of the six police officers that I'm sending in to confront this man.” “It’s almost like this was out of a movie,” said police union president John Rivera. “They went in and almost simultaneously begin engaging the shooter while grabbing the hostages, passing them to the next SWAT member like a conveyor belt.” Vargas, 42, who had no criminal record or known history of violence or mental illness, was killed. Detectives aren't certain of the motive for the killings, possibly a dispute with the building's managers. Vargas set a stack of cash ablaze in his apartment Friday evening.

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