More Wisconsin Cities Create No-Serve Lists for Habitual Drunks


The Janesville Police Department has joined several other Wisconsin law enforcement agencies in asking local taverns and liquor stores not to serve people who are habitually intoxicated, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Similar “no serve” policies exist in Green Bay and other areas, and a pilot program is planned for Milwaukee. More departments likely will follow their example, said the executive director of the state’s largest law enforcement group.

Under Janesville’s policy, an individual who has three or more alcohol-related incidents that result in a police call within a six-month period is placed on the no-serve list. If a person wants to contest the decision to be placed on the list, he or she can appeal to the city’s Alcohol License Advisory Committee. There are currently 10 people on Janesville’s no-serve list. Green Bay created its list in 1996.

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